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Chocolate Linzer
Sweet magic that will enchanted you with its stunning chocolate flavor!
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Chocolate Cake
Fine chocolate delight for connoisseurs!
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Mini cake bavarian cream
Delight with unique flavor! Feel the gentle velvet taste of Bavarian cream that fills our irresistible cake!
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Mini Cocoa Cake
Cocoa irresistible temptation that will please even the most demanding taste and will bring you unforgettable pleasure!
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Mini peanut cake
Unique Peanut Cake with an exceptional combination of cocoa, hard shell peanut and peanut cream. Only for connoisseurs!
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Tiramisu mini
The king of all desserts! The most irresistible of the irresistible – melting bites tiramisu.
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Mini coconut cake
Pamper yourself with the incredible taste of coconut and chocolate together in a perfect combination, suitable for any company!
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Mini cake mascarpone
Mascarpone is a dessert with a very different and unique taste! Refined and so desired, designed for special moments ...
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Assorted mini cakes
Combination between your favorite sweets, suitable for special moments with special people!
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Biscottina Cake
Enjoy the unique taste and blissfully melting chocolate with the newest BGLine flavor - Biskottina cake!
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Dolce Vita Cake
Tempting combination of hazelnut cream and chocolate!
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Honey Cake
Cake created for lovers of natural and irresistible aroma of honey, combined with the traditional chocolate flavor. Do not miss this treat!
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Forest bears
Irressitable for all children!
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Bisquick Cake
Melting cream, combined with an irresistible aroma and tasty cookies - perfect pleasure for the senses for every day!
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Cake Coconut
Coconut delight locked between two walls of fluffy cake, wrapped in delicate chocolate shell. For moments when we want to melt with pleasure!
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Cake Cocoa 45 gr
Incredible delight in only one cake, with the unique taste of cocoa. Experience the exquisite pleasure of sweetness!
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Cake Peanuts 45gr
Delight with classic peanuts flavor cake. For tender moments!
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Cake Tiramisu 45gr
Fresh addition to the cake with tiramisu. Let us pamper your palate with this traditional taste of childhood!
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Cake Yoghurt and Blackberry
Remember your childhood and the carefree days! Cake flavored yoghurt and blackberry that will awaken your senses!
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The amazing oriental moist dessert with little walnut pieces. A delight that you can afford at any time!
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Pleasure and tradition combined. Sweet moist banitsa with walnuts that will take you back to childhood!
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Everyone`s favorite moist dessert! It doesn't matter how old you are – it will make your day marvelous!
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Exquisite vanilla taste that melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more!
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Taste the unique Magdalenas that melt in the mouth! Soft, appetizing and suitable for any occasion!
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Mini muffins
Enjoy everyone`s favorite mini muffins! Three unique variations – marble, yoghurt and lemon.
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French fries in the form of chips with ketchup
French fries in the form of chips with cheese
French fries in the form of chips with a mix of Bulgarian spices
Unique mix of tradition and taste,
favorite to the fans of the delicious Bulgarian cuisine.
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French fries in the form of chips with salt
Delicious crunchy potato chips for the
ones that love the classic taste !
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French fries in the form of chips with dill and garlic
Irresistible crispy potato chips for the
admirers of strong and tasty flavours !
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